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Martuwarra is a living ancestral being.

The Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council is an entirely Indigenous led organisation, guided by a diverse representation of senior elders with cultural authority, knowledge holders on the front line, defending against the destruction of cultural heritage, ecological damage, poverty and climate change.

Martuwarra (Fitzroy River) is an iconic, heritage listed and unregulated river system of global significance. The environmental and cultural values are recognised in both the Western Australian Aboriginal Cultural and National Heritage Listings.

MFRC's vision is to ensure Martuwarra, a living ancestor and a global treasure, it retains a right to live and flow. The Council considers Martuwarra to be communal property, an ‘asset in the commons’ that belongs to all of us. The River must be protected for the benefit of all present and future generations.

Elders have made the important decision to focus our leadership and governance efforts on strengthening the Martuwarra Youth Council and sustainable economies for the people of the catchment area. New economies with the establishment of a diverse and complementary workforce, to the Ranger Programs.

The Council’s position is to engage in a consultative process with government and other stakeholders to ensure co-design includes co-decision making on water planning and adaptive management to fully understand the cumulative social, cultural and environmental impacts of water allocation plans across the Catchment.

The Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council continues to develop its capacity as a knowledge broker in the pursuit of Indigenous rights, climate, land and water justice. Council’s ability for ‘truth telling’ continues to build partnerships with conservation groups, industry, and university partners. Importantly, to focus on community led initiatives to ensure development will sustain both lifeways and sustainable livelihoods on and with Country.

Stand with us to protect Country.

Download our reports below

MFRC 2022 Annual Report

MFRC 2023 Annual Review

MFRC Country Report

MFRC Conservation and Management Plan



Professor Anne Poelina - Nyikina / Warrwa-   Chair

Gordan Smith Jnr - Ngarinyin -  Deputy Chair

Anthony McLarty – Walmajarri/Bunuba – Deputy Chair

Hanson Boxer - Walmajarri

Annie Milgin - Nyikina

Mervyn Street - Gooniyandi

Olive Knight - Walmajarri / Bunuba

Patricia Riley – Nyikina

Hozaus Claire - Bunuba/Gooniyandi

Edwin Mulligan - Walmajarri/ Nyikina

Lloyd Kwilla - Walmajarri


Andrew Shandley - Gooniyandi

Petrus Poelina-Hunter - Nyikina

Janice Butt - Mangala

Deborah Donation - Ngarinyin

Wayne Milgin - Nyikina



Emerging leaders


Marlikka Pedrisat - Nyikina

Kaitlyn Bunyae - Nyikina

Tegan Riley - Nyikina

Isayah Brown - Walmajarri / Ngarinyin




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