Beyond Sustainability


‘Beyond Sustainability: Imagining a Regenerative Future’ is part of the Education City Speaker Series featuring Dr. Anne Poelina who will be a panellist at the event.

“With a focus on highlighting the big ideas shaping our world today, Education City Speaker Series provides a platform for our community to have captivating conversations with passionate thought leaders and changemakers from all over the world.”

“In our next edition of the Education City Speaker Series, we're going to explore how regenerative development and design offers us a pathway to move beyond ‘sustainability’ and toward solutions that can reverse global warming and restore the health of our planet for generations to come.

Regenerative development has its roots in the indigenous cultures of the world, and we are bringing together some of the world’s prominent experts in this field to discuss how blending ancient wisdom and modern science can help to shape a brighter future for all life on our planet.

The event is titled ‘Beyond Sustainability: Imagining a Regenerative Future’ and will be moderated by Jason Twill, Director, World Cup Master Program, Qatar Foundation”


The full panel recording can be accessed at


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