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An authorised media statement available for public distribution from the Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council.

Maboo Ngoorinyin Liyan Nganka

Excellent Spirit and Good Time for Talking

On 6 November 2020, Hon. Ministers Kelly, MacTiernan, Dawson and Wyatt announced the release of the Managing Water in the Fitzroy River Catchment: Discussion paper for stakeholder consultation. The paper is open for public comment until 5pm (WST) on Monday 31 May 2021.


Discussion Paper:


The Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council have submitted our Reports with our 15 Positions on the Martuwarra Fitzroy River Catchment Estate to government and the relevant Ministers.

These reports can be obtained by accessing the links:

 RiverOfLife, M., Poelina, A., Alexandra, J., & Samnakay, N. (2020). A conservation
and management plan for the National Heritage listed Fitzroy River Catchment Estate (No. 1)
. Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council, Nulungu Research Institute, The University of Notre Dame Australia.

RiverOfLife, M., McDuffie, M., & Poelina, A., (2020). Martuwarra Country: A historical perspective (1838-present). Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council; Nulungu Research Institute, The University of Notre Dame Australia.

Water the Next Gold!

I have attached a short film interview which is on YouTube and is public. Here is a link to the 'local news style' video from the interview in Fitzroy with entrepreneurial journalist Daryl Vandenberg.

I make the point that it would be unjust to proceed without a Statutory Authority and a Social License for engagement with everyone in the Shire of Derby West Kimberley in good faith, with free and informed consent and the precautionary principles for the greater good of All :

For Whose Greater Good!

A recent paper on why we are advocating a social license as a minimum standard for engagement with all citizens and non-humans of the region.

Poelina, A., Brueckner, M., and McDuffie, M. 2020. "For the greater good? Questioning the social licence of extractive-led development in Western Australia's Martuwarra Fitzroy River region."  The Extractive Industries and Society

Also, a paper by our Senior Nyikina Women Elders and their wisdom needs to be listened to not only here but across the planet. Paper is titled, Sustainability Crises are crises of relationships. Learning from Nyikina ecology and ethics available at


Thank You all for your ethics of care and love for the Martuwarra Fitzroy River and all people and the right to human, climate, and multi-species justice. 

Dr. Anne Poelina

Chair, Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council. Adjunct Professor, Nulungu Research Institute, University of Notre Dame, Research Fellow

Australian National University, Water Justice Hub.

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