Water Is The New Gold

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Dr. Anne Poelina, Chair of the Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council was recently interviewed by Ngaarda Media in Roeburne, Western Australia.

During the interview the following excerpts were recorded.

“Earlier this year, in March, prior to Covid, traditional owners in the Kimberley were planning on meeting together to update each other on the process of engagement with the State Government around the water planning process. One of the big things that keeps coming up right across the Fitzroy River catchment is the need to properly resource full consultation with all Aboriginal people in our communities, because we as leaders have a duty of care to make sure our people are fully informed about these big decisions that will have intergenerational consequences across the generations” (…)

“We’re talking about a catchment that eventually drains into the sea so that every traditional owner group, every part of the environment will be impacted on anything that is going to be transported down that system, whether it’s on surface or whether it’s in underground systems, they are all connected. So that is something that people are concerned about in terms of the types of run-off that can happen from fertiliser, that can happen from pesticides. And we think in a time of climate change where water right across the globe is such a real commodity that we should be thinking very seriously about how we use this.”

The audio interviews can be access at:

Part 1 - https://soundcloud.com/ngaardamedia/dr-anne-poelina

Part 2 - https://soundcloud.com/ngaardamedia/dr-anne-poelina-part-two

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