Taryn Carrington

A short film about the cultural and personal stories of young Aboriginal leaders from the Fitzroy region of Western Australia featuring Taryn Carrington, Gooniyandi Traditional Custodian. This story was filmed by Stephanie King, and forms one part of the Martuwarra Council’s ‘Youth Film Project’ managed by Gooniyandi and Bunuba Traditional Custodian, Hozaus Claire.

“We go out with our families and our grandmother still teaches us stuff about the River – water, fish, surrounding areas, floodplains. It’s the last stronghold for the freshwater sawfish … Some of us are still living off the River. Every weekend we’re out with our family you know. Young people go out on the boats out in the gorges ... It’s our life, it’s part of us. We all need this water... You can’t take that away.”

Taryn Carrington,
Gooniyandi Traditional Custodian,

Kimberley region, Western Australia


Siahn Ejai