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The future will be with the language of the past | Marlikka Perdrisat | TEDxSydney

How has the natural world shaped language, and how does that language now shape how you see the world? First Nations people have spent tens of thousands of years customising laws, culture, and language, specific to their Country. These words don't have an easy translation in English. But describe concepts, cultural practices and knowledge we can all learn from. Words to describe cultural practices, attachment to land and place, and our relationships through both blood and skin. A system of relationships which allows a newborn to be a grandparent, a person to be related to the wind, or a tree whose name can only be said by women. Marlikka Perdrisat works across academia, film, and law to spread awareness of First Law. Recently, Marlikka has published a collection of academic papers including Indigenous Natural and First Law in Planetary Health and The Determinants of Planetary Health: an Indigenous Consensus Perspective. With a special life created by living with Nyikina Country and growing through her multiple degrees. Marlikka is in a unique position to share how First Languages can develop your relationship with Country, now and into the future.

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